An off grid solar electric system is perfect for people whose home or camp is far from the utility grid. It is also a perfect system for those who desire true energy independence and are willing to live in an energy efficient and mindful way. Penobscot Solar Design has specialized for over twenty years in off grid solar electric systems, both in Maine and the Caribbean.

It is important to understand a few key points if you would like to live completely off grid. When we design an off grid system, we need to size your system for the lowest sun months of the year. This means off grid customers will often have excess power in the summer months when sun hours are high and the days are long. Off grid systems require batteries. An off grid type solar electric system is the most expensive alternative, but also very satisfying for our customers. Learning to live in an off grid home is very satisfying for the majority of our customers. Remember, change is not sacrifice! Many, many people live comfortable and normal lives in off grid homes.

Off grid homes, because they use batteries, require the usual regimen of battery maintenance. Penobscot Solar Design includes a laminated battery care sheet for each customer to place on their battery box. This ensures the best maintenance and therefore the longest life for your battery bank.

The first step for designing an off grid home is for the customer to complete our load evaluation form. Click “here” to access and print out the form. Each person/family uses electricity differently. This load form is the first step to energy independence and becoming aware of your power needs. Our design will only be as accurate as your load form is, so remember to include all your appliances, lighting, water pump, and every other electrical appliance in your home. When you have completed the form, simply email or mail it to us and we can start the design process.

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Off grid array in Bahamas

Off grid array in Ellsworth, Maine

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