A grid tied, batteryless solar system will fit your needs perfectly if you live in an area with few power outages and want to get the most solar for your dollar. This type of system has become the most commonly installed type due to the lack of need for maintenance and lower price than a battery based system. A grid tied, battery-less solar system qualifies for not only the federal tax credit of 30%, but also for a state rebate in many states, including Maine. Ask us about the current state rebates as they can change, or check for yourself at: http://www.dsireusa.org/

You can click on your state for up to date information on state and federal rebates here. A grid tied, battery-less system is typically composed of solar panels, mounting, inverter(s) and the associated safety equipment. The components are constantly changing and the use of different types of inverters can be very site specific. Where there are shading issues, we will often install micro-inverters, that is, inverters which are installed under each panel so that shading will typically only reduce the power output of the shaded panel instead of an entire string of solar panels. Where there are no shading issues, we find we get excellent efficiency and can cut down on installation time by using series string inverters. These have been in use here and in Europe for many years and are efficient and reliable.

Grid tied systems in Maine essentially "trade", not "sell" power back, although for the sake of discussion here, I'll refer to it as "sell back". The power company will trade one kwh (kilowatt hour) created by you for one kwh of theirs you use. Think of this as a power "bank account". They track your power creation month by month. If you have not used the power you banked one year from the month your solar system made it, the power company is allowed to keep that power. This is why a good design is important. We will make sure you are not giving your power away for free, and yet will make sure that the percentage of power you make to apply toward your power bill is as accurate as possible.

Penobscot Solar Design will design your grid tied, battery-less system for you, install it and help you get connected and "selling back" your power efficiently and painlessly. Remember that without batteries, you will need to have a generator for those infrequent power outages. The advantage is that you can install roughly twice the amount of battery-less solar than you would with a battery based off grid system for the same amount of money.

More and more Caribbean islands are also starting to accept grid tied solar as a way to lessen the use of polluting and expensive diesel fuel usually used to run their islands power. Ask us if your island qualifies as one of these.

 9.6 kw solar array provides the home with all its
power needs, year round - near Stowe, VT

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