While adding alternative forms of energy, including solar electric, are a great way to reduce our overall bills, they should only be a small part of our energy efficiency plan.

Before spending the money on a solar electric system, Penobscot Solar Design recommends you look carefully at how you use electricity. Appliances, light bulbs, fans, water pumps, furnaces, even home insulation all play a huge part in what we ultimately spend on our day to day living.

We think it is very important to emphasize that “Change is not sacrifice!”

Energy efficient appliances do the same exact job that less efficient ones do while doing their job using far less electricity. The same is true of light bulbs. We often hear people say they “don’t like the light” from energy efficient bulbs, and yet it is so often only the choice of bulb, not the type of bulb, that makes them say that. Light bulbs measure their color in degrees Kelvin (K). The lower the number, say, 2500 degrees Kelvin, the more orange the light will be. The higher the number, the closer the light will be  to daylight. For bright, open ambient lighting or possibly where a person might work and need more light like a workbench, a bulb rated at 5500 degrees K will do a great job. For more intimate areas for reading or relaxing, I like a bulb rate at around 3000 degrees K. This applies to incandescent bulbs, which use the most electricity, to compact fluorescent bulbs which use 70% less electricity than an incandescent, and to LED (light emitting diode) type bulbs which are becoming increasingly popular and increasingly less expensive at the same time. LED bulbs contain no mercury and are dimmable, as well as being warrantied for up to 25 years of usage.

As you consider installing a solar electric system, please feel free to ask us what you might do to make your house as energy efficient as possible first. An energy efficient house costs far less for a solar system to power than an inefficient house and the savings will speak for themselves over a very short time.

Penobscot Solar Design has offered custom whole home energy efficiency designs for years to our  very happy customers, both in the USA and across the Caribbean and we hope you will consider us as well . Our customers are our friends, and in this  rapidly changing world this is increasingly rare. A solar electric system by Penobscot Solar Design will keep you happy and independent for many years to come.

This off grid home is super energy efficient.

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